Looking for an easy, healthy, tasty way to raise money? Look no further than Fresh Fundraising.

Fresh Fundraising provides schools, sports teams and other community groups the opportunity to raise funds by selling fresh produce to their family, friends, and communities.

Fundraising groups retain at least 30% of sales.




How it Works


1. Register your interest

  • Complete the Enquiry Form to help us better understand your fundraising group; or Contact Us direct.
  • We will contact you to answer any questions that you have and set up your Fresh Fundraising project.
  • Finally, we will email you confirming the dates for ‘Pre-Sale’, ‘Submit Your Order’, and ‘Delivery’, and provide you with an Information/Order form.

2. Pre-Sale

  • The fundraising group take orders and payment for the fresh produce boxes.
  • Fundraising groups are given two weeks (including two weekends) to pre-sell.

3. Submit your Order

Email your order to Include in your email;
1. The name of your fundraising group
2. The quantity of fresh vegetable boxes that you have sold.
We will email you an invoice (including payment instructions).
You make payment of the invoiced amount which must be received prior to delivery.

4. Delivery

  • The fresh produce boxes are delivered FREE to the following Turners and Growers Transport depots; Kerikeri, Auckland, Pukekohe, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Hastings, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill (An additional charge may apply to other locations).
  • The fundraising group uplift and distribute the fresh produce boxes to their customers.

What’s in the Box

Seasonal Fresh Produce. Individual products in the fresh produce box may vary throughout the year due to seasonal availability and as a result may change without notice.


parsnips-our-fresh-produce copy





Brown Onions



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Further information

Contact Us

Get started today by completing the Enquiry Form to help us better understand your fundraising group; or Contact us direct with any questions or for further information; 


0800 PARSNIP (7277647)